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Replacement of the Carbon Post-Filter (BLUE) - The activated carbon post-filter (POST)
removes the smallest organic chemical molecules.


Note:The installation of the WOW RO System appliance on a pre-treated water supply will greatly increase the life of its filters.

Note: Any filter that demonstrates reduced water production or a slower rate of flow is overdue for a change.
Warning: Shut off water to the appliance before beginning any maintenance.

Postfilter Cartridge Assembly

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  • Replacement of the Carbon Post-filter(BLUE) should be replaced every year. Contact our water specialist at (832) 689-9463or visit for replacement filters and parts.

  • Removal

    1. Pre-fill new cartridges with WOW RO water.

    2. Open the RO faucet for a glass of water and close.

    3. Turn off the System Feed Valve and wait for 20 seconds.

    4. If the system is connected to an refrigerator/icemaker, close the Isolation Valve to that connection. Re-open the RO faucet.

    5. The system has now been depressurized for a safe removal of the cartridges.

    6. Towels should be placed under the system first.

    7. Remove the cartridges with a clockwise upward twist.



    1. Remove red cap from the top of filter cartridges.

    2. With a black permanent marker, write the date on each filter to track replacement time. For filter life, (See Page 33) and log filter change date on Page 43).

    3. Attach the post-filter in the labeled POST position, the RO membrane in the labeled RO posi tion, and the pre-filter in the labeled PRE position, with a twisting counter clockwise upward motion until the colored dots are aligned (See Figure 15).

    4. Turn the system feed on.

    5. Open the RO faucet to a solid flow and close. Do this a couple of times to expel any added air from filter change.

    6. Turn on the refrigerator/icemaker valve and bleed air by operating the water dispenser or ice cube maker.

    Note: Make sure your cartridges are inserted completely !