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The Q-Series filter, manufactured by Omnipure, is an easy-to-install replacement cartridge that twists right into a permanent head.

Omnipure's TQ56-50FC encapsulated membrane is compatible with both PuROTwist 4000 and PuROTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis systems or any system that uses Omnipure Q-Series filters. It comes with a built-in flow restrictor and check valve and is easy to install.

Filters may need to be replaced more often than indicated depending on incoming water contaminant levels and volume of water being treated.


#3–RO Membrane TFC 50 GPD

庫存單位: TQ56-50FC
  • STAGE 3 - 1x  RO Membrane TFC 50 GPD (TQ56-50FC) - Replace Every 24 Months

  • (TQ56-50FC) Membrane

    • Flow Rate: 50 Gallons Per Day
    • Dimensions: 12.75" X 2.5"
    • Replace every 24 months
    • Thin Film Membrane (TFM)


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